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Rethinking Hospitality

What do you want to change with your company?

The traditional hotel industry lacks modern IT solutions to make processes more efficient. According to a survey by the Roland Berger consultancy, only a quarter of German hoteliers consider themselves “digitally advanced”. Here is our approach: We want to professionalize the traditional hotel industry.

In what way is your business idea innovative?

We are building a new type of hotel chain that is completely digitalized. We develop the software for this ourselves – from the virtual reception to the housekeeping app. The guests receive a PIN-Code, with which they can enter their room or apartment. They can reach a concierge by phone or WhatsApp. As a result, we have 60 percent less staff costs and we can also profitably run small locations that would not be lucrative for other chains.

Our concept includes apartments of around 30 square meters – with uniform furnishing standards, but local design differences. There won’t be any breakfast or receptionists. In terms of price and decor, the rooms should be on a four-star level.

What do you consider to be the greatest challenge?

That would be the search for suitable real estate, which is why we are considering moving into existing buildings and concluding long-term leases. It would save costs. Moreover, we also designed our concept for the conversion of larger apartments and offices and we expect a location with as little as ten rooms to be profitable.

In five years, you’re looking back – what have you achieved?

By that time, we have 10,000 rooms, we are internationally active and have many regular guests.