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Entrepreneurial investments
We see entrepreneurship as the true relationship between individuals and opportunities.
What we see

Scope Hanson is the investment company of the Bremke family office and invests in strong entrepreneurs who develop and implement business ideas with high potential. As a business partner, we always act with an entrepreneurial mindset and aim to create sustainable, successful companies and values. Fundamentally, we invest both debt and equity capital and focus on three areas: real estate projects, medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. As an integral part of the Bremke family office, we stand for a trusting attitude, a young spirit and values based on partnership.

AB Beteiligungen becomes Scope Hanson!
AB Beteiligungen becomes Scope Hanson. So much has happened since Andreas Bremke's first investment in 2008. These days, Germany and the DACH Region are a growth driver for innovative business models, science, research and entrepreneurship. International investors, including those from the USA and China, are also increasingly engaging in the DACH market and further vitalising the ecosystem. The investment business in the Bremke Family Office has developed strongly. The headquarters in Arnsberg is supplemented by offices in Berlin and Baar (CH). Moreover, the portfolio of exciting companies has grown significantly and now includes 8 small and medium-sized companies as well as 30 start-up investments.

With Scope Hanson, we are now bundling our experience and activities in the investment business and want to successfully further develop our portfolio while at the same time adding new elements.

We make entrepreneurial investments in start-ups, medium-sized companies and real estate projects. In the start-up area, we focus on entrepreneurial teams and business models with strong innovation and great growth potential in the early stages. Thematically, we are generally agnostic and invest in the areas of B2B SaaS, e-health, consumer internet and sustainability tech among others. In addition, we are involved in medium-sized business financing and succession solutions with long-term earnings potential as well as in mezzanine financing in real estate projects.

Scope Hanson always works in close cooperation with the Bremke Family Office and the ANH Hausbesitz in order to leverage potential synergies for the investments.

The entire Scope Hanson team is looking forward to a (continuous) successful cooperation with you!

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Rethinking Hospitality
What do you want to change with your company? The traditional hotel industry lacks modern IT solutions to make processes more efficient. According to a survey by the Roland Berger consultancy, only a quarter of German hoteliers consider themselves "digitally advanced". Here is our approach: We want to professionalize the traditional hotel industry.