Our Approach
We invest proactively with a broad vision
Innovations are the growth drivers of the economy. We want to promote new approaches and unconventional solutions - both in real estate development and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in start-ups. Our wealth of experience and our entrepreneurial approach enable us to identify and implement exciting investments in these areas.

With an entrepreneurial

Cross- Asset-Class
Our goal is to build a diversified portfolio of investments in real estate finance and direct investments in medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups.
We invest equity and debt capital and are happy to be involved in the longer term. We regularly make follow-up investments.
We identify targeted opportunities and our strong network ensures a high-quality deal flow. An efficient structure enables us to make quick decisions and implement investments.
We operate in a way that’s empathic, down-to-earth and entrepreneurial in order to tackle challenges together as partners and to maximize the chances of success.

Investment parameters

Real estate
  • Type: Project financing
  • Volume: 1-10 million euros
  • Region: DACH, North America
  • Type: Equity and debt
  • Volume: 1-5 million euros
  • Region: DACH
  • Type: Equity and debt
  • Volume: 100k-1 million euros
    for initial investment, follow-up
    investments up to 5 million euros
  • Phase: Seed, (Pre-)Series A
  • Region: DACH