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Löwenzahn Organics –
Healthy baby food without compromise

Striving for the best quality, many years of marketing expertise as well as personal commitment – with this powerful mix, the founders of Löwenzahn Organics started their journey in Berlin. Their vision: baby porridge and milk that are not only produced in an ecologically sound way and meet the strictest environmental guidelines, but also redefine organic quality. And so it meets the demands of the ever-increasing number of health-conscious parents interested in sustainability who do not make any compromises, especially when it comes their children’s food.

“Today we can offer a perfect product, whose raw materials – in addition to the manufacturer’s conventional tests – are tested by an independent laboratory”, explains co-founder Liz Sauer Williamson. Only one and a half year after the launch, the brand could be found in organic and drug stores, providing modern parents with the certainty that they are doing what is best for their baby. 

The production is more complex than that of instant products: For the cereal porridge, 100 percent Demeter certified whole grain is used and the Demeter certified cereal is freshly harvested and roasted without prior dehydration. As a result, it is as natural as possible so that all valuable nutrients and the natural taste are retained. Löwenzahn Organics are the first to produce bio baby milk which combines high-quality ingredients for milk food with ingredients from organic farming and production. The transparency code printed on each pack, which allows you to trace the origin of the individual ingredients, is also consistent with the concept. 

“We founded Löwenzahn Organics out of the experience and desires that we ourselves know and have as mothers,” explains Liz Sauer Williamson. The founders have created a brand by parents for parents with a high level of credibility.