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Carl Finance
Leading your life’s work into a secure future

How the young company Carl Finance from Berlin is rolling up the market for corporate sales for small and medium-sized enterprises, overturning old thinking patterns and remaining virtually unrivalled.

A market cries out for change

Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a succession crisis: around 40% of them have not arranged their succession. More than a third of entrepreneurs are over 55 years of age. Finding a successor or buyer is a major challenge. The market is fragmented and non-transparent, and the for large enterprises natural access to the financial market is usually not ensured here. 

The solution: A one-stop shop for SMEs 

Both of Carl Finance’s founders, Pascal Stichler and Kurosch Habibi, counter the dusty practices of the industry with a digital solution to handle SME succession and company sales. “We bring the right people to the table and orchestrate the process for them,” explains co-founder Stichler. The provider and the buyer meet in one place and experience high-quality guidance as well as a smooth, well-managed process – from identifying the buyer to making contact, submitting an offer and closing it. The Carl Finance team leads the sales process, which is efficient and standardized thanks to their own software. 

Enormous potential

This technology-based approach is highly scalable, because the Berlin-based company operates in a huge market without direct technological competition.

There are adjoining product possibilities, and Carl Finance sees succession and company sales as a first step. “We use these topics as a gateway to build the capital market for medium-sized enterprises in the long term,” says Habibi.

An outstanding (founding) team with in-depth industry knowledge and drive, a large network of consultants and a top-class advisory board – Carl Finance still has big plans for the future.